Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party Spooks :)

Some pics I snapped before the guests arrived last night for our Halloween Party. See how nice and clean everything was LOL :)
the table awaiting the food :)
see my yummy cake pops, must say they were a hit : ) I enjoyed two with my coffee this am :)
who knew rats bled back?
Martha Stewart bats :)

beverages :)
Some scappies :)
Candy and crafts :)

Sharpied pumpkins :)

The girls and I had so much fun getting the house spooky for the party :) It was a blast!!! Costume pics to come shortly.


Barb said...

What AMAZING party decor!! I love everything, but that rat on the pumpkin... EEEEEEEW and cooooool at the same time! :)

Nathalie said...

Awesome!!! This is spookily delicious looking!

Rachel said...

OMG .. it was so amazing .. she turned her home into a lil Halloween piece of heaven!

Thanks again Katie .. John and I had a blast!