Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marmie Dresses

The girls begged and pleaded to wear these yesterday. The dresses arrived about a month ago in the mail, which the kids love! Special delivery from Grandma. We hadn't worn the dresses yet waiting for a special occasion to wear them. The girls have asked many times to wear their 'beautiful' dresses and I have always said no. Yesterday when Kayleigh asked I thought well today is a special day, an every day ordinary special day and why not? And they loved it! And so did I :)



Stay Funny said...

ahhhh love these ones Marmie! Beautiful!

HeatherFeather said...

You are sooooo lucky to have a Marmie who is that talented!! I would maybe even consider having another baby if I had someone who could dress them so beautifully!! ;) BTW, the pics are too cute, little posers.... lol

Closet Artist said...

Yep sometimes you just have to break out your party frocks and celebrate the moment!

Mellisa said...

wow. your mom has some mad skills when it comes to a needle and thread. adorable.

Diva Loca said...

the girls are sooo beautiful. i lOVE those dresses.

i wonder if marmie needs any adopted grandchildren????? so stinkin' cute. i just want to eat them all up!!!

Diva Loca said...

ok had to look again - couldn't resist the cuteness

i totally think Kasey looks like an old hollywood child actress - especially in picture number 2