Sunday, September 12, 2010

Potty Training, Miss Mollies, and Pumpkins

Just look at the crazy hair on that child :) Kasey has been potty trianing for about 2 weeks I think. I can't get over how WELL SHE HAS DONE. She asks to go on her own now, she even poops on the potty (Kayleigh took forever to get that part down), this morning she woke up with a dry diaper, and asked to go potty and a huge AUSTIN POWERS pee. I think she is ready to go to nursery next week without a pull up. I am so amazed at how well she has done. Kayleigh still wears a diaper to bed and I have to change it when I go to bed or she would wet through the diaper. I think Kasey at 2.5 will be out of diapers completely before her 4 year old sister :) WAY TO GO KASEY :)
So every since Kayleigh spent a week at the cottage with her freind Molly she has been making what we call Molly faces for the camera and doing Molly hair. LOVE IT! and LOVE MOLLY.
I LOVE WHITE PUMPKINS!!! I discovered them last year, and was pleased as pumpkin pie to find some last week :) I want more!!!


Rachel said...

WTG Kasey .... so proud of you hun!

Man is Kayleigh your Dive mom .... lol and I love that she has taken to Molly so sweetly. Nice for her to have a "big sis" to look up too!

There are those damn white pumpkins again .. remember last year I asked you if you painted them? LMAO Where did you find them love ... I really must own one this season!


Diva Loca said...

i sooo love your pumpkins! yeah...i think we need to decorate for fall today

i think i saw pumpkins in our neighbour's garden - maybe we should steal their pumpkins in the middle of the night and paint them a funky colour so they'd never know!

Love that Molly page and Kasey is TOO CUTE sitting on her throne - where is her laptop though?

HeatherFeather said...

Yeah for Kasey!!! Potty training certainly makes for some crazy times!!! J is dry overnight too, everynight for the last two weeks...poop, that's another story...hopefully he will catch on soon! Pulling out the "big reward" guns on that front!

Stay Funny said...

yeah for the little miss K! Can wait to see your house all deck-up for halloween!