Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini White Pumpkins and Studio Calico Back 40

I found these at the grocery store today:) Made me giddy, I even squealed and Kayleigh asked me why I was being so silly. They have found a happy home on my dining room table.

I got my Sept Studio Calico Kit: Back 40 last week and have used it all up :) Now I am eagerly awaiting the sneak peak for October. (apologize for the crappy lighting in the pics, it was cloudy today and I was to excited to wait)



Theresa & Keith said...

Those layouts are amazing!!! You'll have to tell me all about the kit club you are using...WOW

HeatherFeather said...

I love what you do with Studio Calico....I gave them a whirl, but not my thing, too much girly bits!!! Rachel reapt the rewards mainly!! lol....had to let them go...I LOVE the last layout with the soother and barretts!!! lol

Rachel said...

UUMM I have been meaning to chat to you about how lazy you have been with your scrapping lately .. HUGE ROLL EYES! LMAO

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I wish I had your drive girl ... maybe I just need a good ole Katieroo kick in the ass .. cuz you are my hero! LOL

MMMMWWWAAAAA and gorgeous as always!

Stay Funny said...

So great seing you yesterday and Beautiful layouts, my favorite one was "hike".
Have a great day!