Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of Nursery School

Kasey looking super proud of herself :) 2.5 years old :)
Big Sister Kayleigh full of advice :)

Today was Kasey's first day of nursery school at A GYM TALE. A Gym Tale has been part of our life since Kayleigh attended baby and toddler classes there as well as nursery last year. Today Kayliegh passed on her words of big sister advice to her little sister. Kasey was very excited. She eagerly got dressed today, picked out some big girl underwear, and packed her back pack. I dropped her off and she ran off with out a glance back. A very different sort of start then her sister Kayleigh's last year. Kayleigh whined and cried the whole way. While Kasey was at school Kayleigh and took advantage of some time alone and rode our bikes to Starbucks and also scrapbooked a page together. Kasey only cried today when I picked her up, and she saw me but wasn't allowed to go see me yet. All in all very well, especially considering she has only been potty trained for 2 weeks, and she didn't have her GUY or SOUCY today :)

Oh and did I mention she looks like she has chicken pox :( Poor girl full of big bites from our nature hike on the weekend :(



Diva Loca said...

OMG - so cute!!! she looks so grown up in that picture though...i can't get over it. she's losing her baby features.

so glad it went well all around!!!

high fives to all the Squires girls today!!!

Stay Funny said...

so perfect - happy she loved it!
love the part of Kayleigh giving tips to Kasey!

Linda Barber said...

Cute! Aw, girls. I love how they care about what they wear. ;) Thanks for coming by my blog! Your layouts (and minis too) are amazing.