Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Belle Party

We had a Belle Party for Kayleigh's 4th Birthday in July. It was magical for sure. Laurie and Denis from C'est La Vie Studio and Design took pictures for us and I want to share the magic here with you. I have LOTS TO SHARE, so I thought I would start with the decor. I made flower puffs, banners, and flower chains all myself :) Hanging said puffs resulted in 26 stitches but that story you have heard already LOL. Enjoy and more to come :)



Nathalie said...

Yikes! I must have missed that part of the story... I hope that you are all better now Katie.

Rachel Tops said...

VERY YELLOW! Your new fave colour! Man you went all out .. gorgeous Katie! :)

R :)

Jamie said...

Wow Katie you went all out for that party. How gorgeous, just add this to great ideas you have given me for my wedding next year. Would you please make me some pink flower puffs like that?

xo Pookie