Monday, July 12, 2010

Done like Dinner

Children usually look like this AFTER the birthday party not MOMENTS BEFORE :) LOL I guess the slumber party with their cousins the night before did them in.

And a scrappy :) I have to admit I LOVE LOVE LOVE this page. Its so much better IRL :) I have too toot my horn here. The colors are awesome.



Mellisa said...

they look completely out of it. lol did they ever wake up for the party?

Love the layout colours. My Dad loves yellow but its not something I have totally embraced ... which is proving difficult for creating this canvas for him. lol

Closet Artist said...

Awww poor little bubbies!!
At least you know they will never stay out past their curfews!! They just can't last that long!

Rachel said...

OH THERE'S MARMIE! Sweet lady! :)

Look at your babies ... sigh .... and look at your scrappies ... AWESOME! :)

Hugs girl