Tuesday, June 8, 2010

superstars,flowers, marmie dress, lo's

Superstars :)
The reason for my hot glue gun blisters....

My beautiful morning models :) Love that hair :)
A fun LO :)
THE LATEST MARMIE DRESS...Heather Bailey fabric!! and a matching one for Kayleigh is on the way in the mail...right mom :) LOL (and maybe hats too)

This arrived in the mail last week :) My mom got a kick out of her aprons being in a mag :)


Theresa & Keith said...

Wow!! Those are some fun headbands! The girls are too cute!

Mellisa said...

Congrats on the publication. That's awesome.

I love how much your Mom sews. I was actually thinking about her this weekend and wondering if she is for hire... lol

Diva Loca said...


OMG - I WANT THAT DRESS...that is like my all-time fave heather bailey fabric. and those headbands...OH THE HEADBANDS!!!

i didn't realise the mag was out already...CONGRATS SUPERSTAR!

happy tuesday

Stay Funny said...

Loving the headbands! Looks like you had a hoot at your moms! And wow again - your mom is the best for little girls dresses!

Saw your layout lastweek - congrats on the publication!

Louise Dubord said...

WOW! Gorgeous headbands, beautiful dress, oh so cute girls and a superstar is published! Yay, that's so great!

Dorrie said...

your girls are dolls... your marmie just dresses them up inthe best handmade goodies...
congrats on the publication!!! very exciting!

Rachel said...

MY JAW JUST HIT THE FLOOR! I want one of those headbands too ... how cute are your girls in them .. WOW!

Oh marmie and her creations .. I agree with Mell ... is she for hire? LOL

Congrats on your pub girlie ... and your creations IRL are just stunning!

R :)