Sunday, June 27, 2010

sleeping bunnies

The girls passed out on the couch, all 3 of us were feeling pretty miserable yesterday. Shortly after this picture Kasey fell off the couch LOL.
I finished this yesterday morning, its the 7 gypsies vintage receipt holder. Sorry for the very poor lighting. Once again using my FAV C'est La Vie Studio and Design pics, seriously my all time fav's!
A LO I did yesterday. Guess it wasn't that bad a day after all :) (again some of the fab Laurie Turpin's pics)
I did this LO last week, just a fun crazy one :)

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Diva Loca said...

i think it's time for another shoot REAL SOON! just seeing those pics makes me want MORE MORE MORE...

love the title "advanced yoga" ha

on hte last page i thought that was allllllll journaling. he he.