Thursday, June 10, 2010

My REALality :)

Stephanie Howell posted a call out to all us scrapper/mom/bloggers to share our real truths today. Its pretty easy in the blog world to paint a pretty rainbow life, but what's really real?

here's my real world :)

1. My walls are dirty, really dirty, I have been thinking about cleaning them for over a year.
2. I hate making dinner, I often go out for dinner instead of deal with the job of making it.
3. I hate that my kids take so long to eat kills me to have to sit there and wait and just be present...I like lunch and breakfast where they eat in front of the TV and I eat in front of my laptop...HORRIBLE :(
4. I need to nap...maybe I don't need to but I really want to...and I try my best to steal a nap each day on the couch and if I don't get it I am GRUMPY GRUMPY
5. I hate the phone...I really am not a phone person..I passed out invites for my dd's bday and just put my email on for rsvp. A mom approached me yesterday and said you forgot your phone number...I told her no, I don't do the phone..she looked horrified :) LOL (ok not horrified but perplexed :)
6. I hate stretching, I tend to 'forget' this step when working out...bad bad bad
7. I use the internet to check out during the day into my own world.
8. I yell at my children, I loose my temper
9. My downstairs bathroom is dirty
10. My almost 4 year old still wears diapers to bed, Kasey 2 still has a soucy

I will stop there because I don't want to SHOCK YOU....this has probably been a lot to handle. Don't worry I still have very pretty scrappies :)


Dorrie said...

sounds pretty real to me...
i read that post of hers...
good writting katie..

Kerry said...

Found you from Stephanie's post. My bathroom is dirty too and my walls and a ton of other things lol

Kingster said...

BAH HA HA HA!!! I am so warmed by the fact that I am not the only mother that feels this way. :) I may not be the scrappin' queen that you are Kataroo...but I love ya!

Louise Dubord said...

There it is : proof that you are human, like all of us.... XXX

Candace said...

Just read your confessions - now very tempted to edit my post as I missed off some!

this i so refreshing, beats therapy anyday