Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life in Norland

This past Monday I woke up and really really did not feel like diving into the Monday routine of cleaning and grocery what did I do...I packed the kids in the car and drove to my Parents house in Norland for a mini vaycay...cause I can :) LOL

2 awesome homemade meals, 2 sleep ins, 2 movie nights with Mom, 1 visit with sister and nieces, 1 nap, and 1 pecan pie later I am sooo glad I did :)

Today I did a little shopping in Fenlon Falls, found an awesome little vintage shop and took home these treasures....I can't wait to fashion them into some new things and others just keep the way they are.



Closet Artist said...

Ooh bobbles and trinkets! How lovely!
Love the little diva in the first pic!

Karen's Violetbliss said...

wow wow...great finds!!!

Stay Funny said...

ahhhhhh the best feeling to be back home with your familly! So happy that you did it!

Oh myyyyyyyyy I almost drop down on the floor when I saw all your precious finds. Ohhhhhhhhhh my dear.... the are the most precious little things that this earth can give...!

When ever you drive back - drive safe

xx ♥
Hope to see you before I leave.

Rachel said...

Impromtu trip ... I bet it was a great break in a way for you and a great treat for your folks! :)

Great YUM YUMs you found there! Are you planning on wearing them or using them in your crafts?

R :)