Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Marmie

This is for you Marmie, I made it last weekend at one of the classes I took with Debbie. There is a little mini book that comes out and I am going to fill it with pictures from C'est La Vie Studio and Design :)

and in honor of my mom on Mother's Day my TOP 10 FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT MY MOM:

10. She sews the most beautiful things for me :)
9. She is so easy to talk to, because she really listens
8. She would be there in an instant if you needed her
7. She is an awesome labour couch, I hope so very much that she will be by my side to see another grandchild born.
6. She is fun, fun to hang out with, love watching movies with you
5. She is fun to make fun of because she does doorknob things (this really is a compliment)
4. She has always taken care of me, put her stuff aside and been there...I am so thankful for this
3. She makes dinner for me when I am HOME
2. She is GRANDMA, and she is so amazing at being Grandma

NUMBER ONE REASON: She is the most cuddly Mom, once wrapped in her arms, all your worries slip away and you are safe and all is right in the world.

I love you Marmie :)



Karen's Violetbliss said...

Your top 10 really touched me! Happy Mother's day sweet girl.

Rachel said...



R :)

fairyrocks said...

Beautiful Tray !!
Lucky Mom and such beautiful sentiments.