Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Flowers

May I just say that the Dear Lizzy Fabric Paper makes the best rolled flowers....without the paper backing makes beautiful rolled flowers...with the backing the rolled flower looks more like a rosette. Super fun :)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mini Addiction + happenings

Loads to update....seems its been awhile since I have blogged :( ooops

I finished this mini last week, capturing Kasey's 2nd birthday tea party. I am utterly addicted to mini's, I love the whole process of creating them and most of all the glimmer mist :) Note...I took inspiration for the cover from Stechie's Lush Album :)

I am coming off a high of a weekend and heading into another :)

I spent the past weekend with very good friends (Laurie and Dennis, of C'est La Vie Studio and Design) My parents were very kind to come and take care of the kids while we ventured off to the States for a weekend of shopping and fun. AND FUN WE HAD....up late laughing and in my case peeing...playing games...even loosing at my own game LOL. Shopping was so much fun..I felt like I was in an episode of what not to wear, given the rules from Laurie (no crocs, no yoga pants) and a shopping spree!! It was so much fun to hang out in the change rooms with Laurie trying on stuff laughing and celebrating. The boys had a great time too and took home new wardrobes:) Seriously a fun weekend...and the best part was I felt like I was on a DATE with my hubby all weekend...I even had the crazy butterfly feeling you have when you first date.

Then this coming weekend I have a whole weekend of scrapping with friends...not just scrapping but a Special Event at the Scrapbox taking classes with Debbie Schuh!! (ps. call the store there a few coveted spots left) I am taking the classes with my dear dear Stechie!!! Then I have a huge thank-you to give to Mell for letting me know about an opening to go take a class Sunday with TIM HOLTZ!! So my weekend doesn't end...its keeps going...a day in Montreal Sunday with Stechie, Mell and Tanya. A huge thank-you to them for letting me tag along and praying for a chance to rekindle freindship. Can you ask for any better?

I am blessed indeed!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Studio Calico: Joy Land

I got the April Studio Calico Kit in the mail Friday, I literally did a happy dance when I saw the box on my porch :) I snuck scrap time in while the girls played on the rainy Saturday and some time Sat and Sunday night :) Have I mentioned how much I love working from a kit? LOL I wish I could get paid to can dream :) LOL

Laurie took the picture of my above, I don't have many pictures of myself that I like, so a HUGE thank-you to Laurie for this gift :) I like it :) :) :)

A quickie LO I made last week :)


Friday, April 16, 2010

2 years old

It was Kasey's 2nd Birthday yesterday :) I have to admit the fact that she is 2 really freaks me out...time is going so fast...I find myself babying her more than her sister at this age, wanting to hold on...

So we started the day out with a little birthday parade into her room, Daddy had his guitar and we sang Happy Birthday to Kasey :) So funny we walked into her room expecting to find her asleep and there she was reading a book all happy and quiet :) Then we took her downstairs to her birthday chair with helium balloons and we gave her some handmade presents. Kayeligh has been busy for weeks making things for can see the awesome necklace she made in the first pictures (see the felt beads we made?). We made and decorated a cake that morning. The girls were trying to eat the darn thing as we decorated it LOL :) In the afternoon we had a Princess Tea at the Chateau Laurier (the girls thought this was a castle). They had the most fun running up and down the halls of the grand hotel, and looking in all the mirrors...and frankly after almost $70 for TEA! they could run to their hearts content :) LOL After Tea we picked up Daddy from work and went home for Dinner, Birthday cake a few presents :) Mommy was in bed before the kids :) I had meant to take a nap and get up to scrapbook but I was too far gone :)

It was a great day :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Lizzy Love

Spent a FABO weekend scrapping with Stechie and LouLou at the Scrapbox this past weekend :) Had an amazing time filled with laughter. I played with the Dear Lizzy line from AC....I LOVE LOVE how happy the line makes me feel :)

Above pictures are from the talented Laurie :) The title FRAME IT, is a play on one of our favorite shows Mr. Maker :)

The above LO is based on one of Kelly Purkey's. The bright crazy photos are a bit distracting but hey that's LIFE :) LOL
LOVE LOVE these pics that Laurie captured of Kay above...its so HER!!! CRAZY!!


Pretty Spring MIni

I just finished this little Mini Album last night. It is based on the construction of one of Heidi's albums that she has showcased on her weekly free web show :) Loads of inspiration to be found there :)I filled the album with precious pictures that Laurie of C'est La Vie Studio and Design took of Kasey playing. I love these pictures because they capture her little spirit at this age...I filled the album with bits of journalling about the things she is doing and saying right now :) Thank-you again Laurie for gifting me with these precious moments.

The pink insert here is a mini book in itself :)