Friday, March 5, 2010

SPRING.....I know your there...

The sidewalks are clear of snow and I will take that as the first sign of SPRING. So yesterday the girls and I made a list of all things we want to do this Spring.

We even crossed one off the list already by visiting the Agriculture Museum yesterday and seeing all the animals on the farm. We saw brand new just born baby cute!! You should of seen how full and uncomfortable that mama sheep's utter was...ouch! Been there :) LOL

So yes, we are ready SPRING WE ARE READY!!



Stay Funny said...

loving yoor list!!!!
So perfect!
Enjoy your Friday and Weekend!

Rachel said...

SO SPRINGY! Now I get what they mean by "A spring in your step!"

I am going to the sugar shack with Alexa's class on Wed .. SPRING IS IN THE AIR! :)

R :)