Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pink Lush Mini

A little while ago I made a blue mini Lush album for Kasey, and I wanted to make one in pink for Kayleigh, both featuring the amazing photos that Laurie of C'est La Vie Studio and Design took of the girls. On both of these albums I used A LOT OF GLIMMER MIST...I am so in love with that stuff :) A thank-you to Stephanie for the beautiful handmade flower on the cover.

As a side...both my girls have a basket in their rooms were we keep their mini albums, and belive it or not they love looking through them. That makes this scrapper happy :)



Mellisa said...

i saw the lush line on friday for the first time. holy yummy. i fell in love with the reds but forgot to buy any, sadly. next time.

N-nonymous (EN-nŏn'ə-məs) said...

so, so pretty! It almost seems to have a layer of fairy dust, or sugar coating...very ethereal :)

Dorrie said...

this is amazing... gorgeous!!!!!

Rachel said...

They are going to love these precious mini's when they get older .... you capture some real life moments! LUCKY GIRLS! :)

Stay Funny said...

WOW! Beautiful!
Once again I need to see this one up close!
Stunning and my pink rose is perfect for the top!