Monday, March 15, 2010

necklaces with my Sisters

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my Sisters Jamie and Krissy, and my dear friend Stephanie :) We spent the day at the Spa Saturday, had a fabo raclette dinner, drank many wobblies and played a game. In between all the activity we managed to get some crafting done Friday night and a little Saturday night. I love how these turned out and for the most part we re purposed things I had laying around the craft room.

The necklace above was made knotting material from my sister's curtains!! I also used a denim Prima flower and center. The other flower was made with rolled curtain fabric! TA DA :)

My sister Jamie made this with stuff she purchased at Michaels on Saturday, its beautiful.

I made this necklace with a pink beaded necklace that came from my MIL's costume jewelry. The flowers were made with Amy Butler fabric left over from a dress.

I made this one with beads bought from SASSY BEAD :)

This one is made with a TIM HOLTZ chain and some random findings from my stash :)

I made this one from felt beads that came from an earlier necklace I made and had broken. The flower is Prima :)

This stuff can be addicting, I have so many more ideas:) What I love best is that I am sing stuff up that I have in my stash...much nicer to wear it than have it sitting in a bowl somewhere. :)


Diva Loca said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR those are amazing...

i just HEART fabric flowers - totally obsessed...

would you mind sharing a little of that talent please? could i get a creativity transfusion?

Stay Funny said...

Amazing! They are all so beautiful!
What a fun and fabulous weekend!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of it - from top to bottom! Your sisters are so great and I was really happy to spend time with them as well with you.
love you and cheers to many necklaces to our creative future.

*** Your pink one completed is perfect!

Mellisa said...

beautiful necklaces ... sadly not a style I can pull of. Great use of your stash.

Barb said...

Wow, those are beautiful, Katie! So fun... and so very YOU. Great job!

Dorrie said...

holy smakers woman!!!!!
seriously.. i'm like.. WHAAAAAAA????
you have a gift....make 'em and sell 'em... do it..
you'll have celebrities knocking on your door...