Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kayleigh's first crop

I had been eagerly awaiting this day every since I saw it advertised in Jenn's newsletter at the scrapbox. Mom and kid crop! Yesterday Kayeligh (3 almost 4) and I packed our scrap stuff and headed off for our very first crop was a very proud day for me. She did really well, I think she had the most fun packing her crop bag...I let her use my AMY BUTLER BAG Lucky girl :) She lasted about 2 and half hours and then started asking for Daddy and her little sister. I got one LO done and one started so not to shabby.

Carrying her own crop bag like a bi girl :)
Holding her new AMM mini tote just like Mom's :) I think I was more excited LOL
Serious crafter at work
Kicking back at the Scrapbox :)
Perfect pic :)



Mellisa said...

Love it! .... and amy butler as a start tote? how does she go down from there? lol

Closet Artist said...

LOVE the first pic! Great shot!
I really wanted to take Claire but unfortunately had to work. I'm glad you both had a creative, fun day!

Diva Loca said...

OMG - HOW FUN and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that last IS perfect!

Rachel said...

Precious ... I am loving the markers in the AMM tote! LMAO

Jenn Langlois said...

Hi Katie! Sorry I was so distracted with work - next time will focus on the fun.

LOVE what you are doing. So inspiring!