Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marmie's Makings

My parents came to visit us this past weekend and were here for Valentine's day. My Mom AKA Marmie surprised us girls with matching book bags. I had fallen head over heals for this post on Heather Baily's blog. and had begged and pleaded with my Mom to make me one. Well she did and she delighted us all with matching ones in Amy Butler fabric. She made a small, medium and large one. I am picturing the girls and I going to the library and picking out books, taking our little bags to the park with paper and pencils to draw. So many fun things to do.

My parents visit was amazing, filled with so much laughter. I can not tell you how much my children love their Grandparents. We were all out of sort and sad yesterday afternoon when they left.

We miss you GA PA and GA MA MA :)


Stay Funny said...

ohhhhhhhhh my were is mine! ;)
WOW they are amazing Marmie!

your mom is fabulous and she should start a buisness!

Enjoy your new bags ladies!

Louise Dubord said...

Wow! So pretty! Me too, I want one. Marmie rocks!

Rachel said...

Is there no end to Marmie's talent? Amazing amazing amazing!

Glad you had a good visit .. good for the soul! :)

R :)

Mellisa said...

wowza. your marmie rocks a needle and thread. LOVE THESE!

She needs Etsy. I would definitely buy from her!