Friday, February 5, 2010


Nothing like starting a Friday morning off with pink heart pancakes. Today Kayleigh has a valentine's day party at school. She happily skipped off to school in a pink tutu and a high ponytail with ribbon. I really should have taken a picture of her all dressed up (rare moment in deed when Mommy actually does dd's hair) instead of the silly pancake.

I can't tell you how much more enjoyable mornings are now that Kayleigh actually likes gong to nursery much easier it is to drop her off when she isn't laying prone on the floor kicking and crying and saying she is going to barf. The other mommies are now actually smiling at me and saying high instead of looking at me with that look of what did you do to your child?

I took the long way to and from school day, enjoying the drive and a chance to think. I am really looking forward to a night of scrapbooking with my friends and sleeping over at Stechie's house (a sleep uninterrupted by children crying) and the day scrapping Sat at the Scrapbox. I treasure these moments to get away and unwind and create with my friends. Funny thing is despite how much I love these outings come Saturday at around 6:00pm my anxiety starts to build and I "need" to get home to be with my family. The drive home is always filled with a "pulling" feeling like I can't get there fast enough, and once I walk through the door I am calm again. I spend all month looking forward to this time away and then end up NEEDING to be home. Weird. But perhaps just a good sign that I am AT HOME and HAPPY when with my family :)

Here's a happy scrappy weekend :)



Stay Funny said...

Youpi for Kayleigh leaving happy!
Yeah for our weekend of crops!
Happy you are staying over at my place and maybe Stephane will wake you up with something special... tomorrow... Star Wars related for sure!

When it's time to go it's time to go... Leaving arround 6 is good, because that means you can give a kiss godnight to the girls and put them to bed!

Rachel said...

This made me smile! :)