Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupcake Horror

Yes they look sweet and innocent....but they are taunting evil things that call out from the counter EAT ME EAT ME...

But they were fun to make :) The girls and I ate one while decorating them because the cupcake was "broken". My smart little girls then decided it was time to break some more :) LOL

and a Scrappie for good measure :)



Stay Funny said...

mmm sweet cupcakes! Loving your new layout too!

Rachel said...

YUMMILICIOUS! They are screaming to be seduced! LOL

Awesome LO

R :)

Diva Loca said...

that page is ADORABLE with a capital "A" - love it!

and now you have me craving CUPCAKES...DARN YOU

off to make a cup of tea and pretend it is a yummy yummy cupcake!

Krista Wells said...

HI Katie! Unrelated question- i couldn't find your email address here on the blog.
How long does it usually take for you to get your Studio Calico kit in the mail? rough estimate?