Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Scrappies

I am working my way through our holiday pictures and capturing our memories in my pages. Its kind of sad, I miss the holidays. The other day Kayliegh said she wished Christmas was still here :( I agree. There is just something so magical about it all :) So for now I will re live it all in my scrapping :)

PS. A funny about the 2 pg LO....I think I went over board on the little stamps in the circles...might have looked better with just a few...but I was so excited that I WAS USING STAMPS...see I am not really a stamper and when I use them I get so excited and so proud of myself that I tend to go a little over board...kind of like when I was in the wiener dog sticker phase LOL



Aeify said...

I think they're fab!

Stay Funny said...

love the top one!
hope you had a great w-end!
Yeahhhhhh for Katie Stamping!!!!