Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the season....

Tis the season to give back :) We are all so very fortunate to have all that we do, especially are loved ones. So in the coming weeks lets all find ways to pay it forward.

Whether it be with our time, our old toys, clothes, new toys and clothes for those in need, food bank donations etc.

I made a donation online today to the Ottawa Snow Suit Fund and the Ottawa Food Bank.

My sister told me that her little girl came home telling the story of a little girl at their school who didn't have warm winter clothes to wear. Our Hannah gave the little girl her hat and mitts.

We donate to a family in need very year, and last year the mother asked for cough syrup on her Christmas wish list.

It all breaks my heart.

My daughter Kayleigh is 3 and is starting to get the IDEA of Christmas...yep the toy flyer comes in and she tears through it saying I want this and this and makes me do you show a 3 year old what Christmas really is? Especially when she is keyboarded with can't blame her for thinking that is what Christmas is. Add to that that she freaks out if I try to take her to church and leave her in the nurses school...oh dear.

So this year as a start, we will go to the toy store and she will pick a toy herself for another child in need.

We spend all month doing Christmas things, writing letters, baking, crafting etc...I hope that she will see THESE ACTIVITIES AS MUCH A PART OF CHRISTMAS as the gifts.

I certainly remember as a child the big Christmas tree we had, and the MOUNTAIN of presents under neath...but my CHRISTMAS MEMORIES are of my little sister Krissy sleeping in my room each Christmas eve and the two of us being unable to sleep with excitement...Of waking really really early and sneaking a look at the tree, and opening our stalkings in our room while Jamie still slept. I remember making ornaments for the tree with Marmie, the blue bows and popcorn strings. I remember my Grandparents staying with us each Christmas. Oh and I rememeber my Nana's COOKIES!!!!

So I hope to recreate that for my children :) and I pray that we will all be blessed this Christmas :)


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Louise Dubord said...

So true. I agree entirely! :)
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