Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Scrappies and lights :)

The lights on Parliament Hill, were magical. We walked around DT last night taking in all the magic.

I added a red star ornament to the book (thank-you Laurie)



Closet Artist said...

Beautiful book so far. What a lovely reminder of each season.
So in January I'll drop off all my daily Dec. pics and if you can have my album done by the end of the month, that would be great!! LOL
Merry christmas to you and your family.

Louise Dubord said...

So so beautiful. I am very happy you are having such a great time.

fairyrocks said...

Love this little treasure Kit Kat!!
Seriously you should join the BG
latest P~52 Challenge!!! Winner will be guest designer....You are so right for this part!!

Rachel said...

I am not sure what was worse .. the fact that you haven't blogged in a week, or that I hadn't checked on your blog ...LOL

Miss you , and I can't wait to see your book all finished IRL! YOU DO INSPIRE BABY!

Hugs and travel back safe!