Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paper glitter trees

I have been busy the last two days making a glitter carpet LOL :) :) I am taking this fab handmade Christmas class with Wilna and Kayla Aimee. Check out these awesome trees that I just happened to have the perfect vintage brooches to add :)

So Laurie are these too old lady for you are they cool?



Diva Loca said...

they aren't old lady - maybe just a bit dirty and germy...ha ha ha

no seriously i LOVE the one on the far left - go figure, it's been completely glitterfied!!!!

Barb said...

I love these, Katie... they're so pretty. :)

Stay Funny said...

Beautiful Katie!
The broches are perfect!
I love them all 4!

PS Really I need to get my but into gear to at lease have a few decorations up, because if Kayleigh visits she will give you a speach just like that day about the "no" halloween decorations!

Rachel said...

LMAO Steph!

Gorgeous Katie ... can't wait to see them IRL! MMMWWWAAA