Friday, November 13, 2009

Little things that are making me happy today

A trip to Loblaws for groceries proved to be fruitful yesterday :) I may have picked up a few non caloric treats for us :) And I have a gory scrappy to share too :)

A holiday bouquet :)

Stuffed Felt Advent Tree (loblaws) there is a stuffed felt ornament for each day of Dec to go on it :) Super fun :)

White reindeer from Loblaws :)

Dude, Gross.....hehehehe I love the bloody letters and bloody border on the top :) Fire Brick distress ink, Crystal lacquer, and cranberry alcohol ink.

I really like how my bloody border and letters turned out.

To make the bloody border on top I took Cranberry Alcohol Ink and dripped it down the top of the page. Then I used Crystal Lacquer to highlight(glossy and dimensional look) it. Once the lacquer dried I again added more of the alcohol ink (it works well on non porous surfaces like the gloss of the crystal lacquer).

For the letters I used Fire Brick Distress ink on raw chipboard letters, I didn't completely cover the letters. Then I dripped the cranberry alcohol ink down the letters. After which, I applied crystal lacquer. Once the lacquer dried I dripped more alcohol ink on.


Diva Loca said...

i LOVE that felt tree...JUST LOVE IT!

how cool that you are so into the decorating...makes me smile. makes my heart sing christmas carols...fa la la la la, la la la la :)

Barb said...

oh, how bloody gross is that?! lol. I love the page. and the Christmas decor rocks too. :)

Stay Funny said...

Oh so bloody... the layout of Ryan, love it!
Oh I like the porcelaine deers... they are perfect for your cabinet!

fa lalaying here too in my mind!

Louise Dubord said...

Cool blood, cool decorations! The blood is really gross, but great!!! falalalalala
You always put a smile on my face and in my heart

Rachel said...