Monday, November 16, 2009

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

It was the Santa Claus parade in Barhaven this past Sunday, so we decided to get our Christmas tree up :) It was so fun, Kayleigh was beyond excited, and squealing like a pig :) I have to say I love really love the way the main floor is looking, it makes my smile every time I look around.

My favorite thing by far is Ryan's mom's antique dining table we just had refinished. It is made out of ASH wood, and had a beautiful rich dark stain. The table has four leaves so it expands to fit lots of people. Without the leaves it fits perfectly into our little kitchen. Ryan's mom bought the table and brought it home unknown to husband Al,w ho upon learning about the purchase had some choice words that rhyme with CHEESE AND RICE to say. I guess this table was the last in a series of table purchases :) LOL Funny thing is I did the same a month ago, came home with a new table and Ryan said I was just like his Mom. (minus the CHEESE AND RICE LOL).

Here are some pics from the weekend :)



famille1999 said...

OMG Katie!!! I can't believe that you've already made your Christmas tree! It's not even December yet! LOL But I have to say that it looks great! I couldn't even think of doing such a thing at my place. Anyway, we always buy a natural tree so by the time Christmas morning actually came, I don't think there would be a needle left on the branches! LOL Looks like the kids had fun helping you with it. And I love all your tree decorations. :)

Diva Loca said...

katie it looks AMAZING!!!!!!

I love the new table. fits PERFECTLY in the space and with your decor... SO COOL.

Um so yeah - looks like these pictures were taken from a magazine...I'M JEALOUS :)

Stay Funny said...

it looks amazing~!
Can't wait to see it in Real!
Have a fabu day