Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am HOME SWEET HOME from an impromptu surprise visit to parents house. My First big drive!! (4.5hours) Must say it was the best birthday present I could have gotten Marmie :) The look on her face was priceless :)

So these are for you Mom and Dad, some pictures of your grand babies as I am sure you are missing these little farts right now :)



Anonymous said...

Hi pretty lady!
So great to have you back!!! Yeah for road trips.

Love the pics of the girls - they look so sassy and chic in their little outfits...

Barb said...

Beautiful beautiful photos of your darling girlies! :)

And hey, congrats on your first long drive... you GO girl! :)

Stay Funny said...

Yeah on the long drive!
The pics of the girls are great! Love especialy the one of Kay near the fence and that you see little K in the background! Welcome back home xx

Rachel said...