Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily December Album

I'm already for my Dec Daily Album (a la Ali Edwards) documentation and story telling to begin. I made my album out of a bunch of different papers, envelopes, cardboard and etc :) I even used fabric after seeing Stechie use it on hers :) he he he I made the cover out of chipboard and painted it with red crackle paint and then added rock candy crackle paint over that. Here's a link to my album last year :)



Vanessa said...

Oh I definately love this!
I like the different sizes of the pages and how unique it all is!

Rachel said...

EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I wanna do this too ... WAAAAHHH .. just not gonna fit into the schedule ... can I live thru my BFF's though ... between the 2 of ya's they are gonna be GORGEOUS! WOWSAS


Rachel said...

Oh and I like this years better than last years! :)

Stay Funny said...

Looking amazing!!!!!!
Can't wait to see it live, love the fabric pages and that white one embossed!

Can't wait for this upcoming w-end, I will be having loads of scrapping time to finish mine of and be ready for dec 1st - Stephane as a birthday gift wants to watch all 6 star Wars movies - that's 15 + hours of TV, that I will scrap a the same time!

one and one + two said...

It looks great! I was working on my DD album yesterday too. I am using the one I started last year {scraplifted mostly from Ali} and then never finished. So I really just had to do a couple pages and the covers. I used crackle paint on my cover {for the first time ever} and it didn't turn out so hot...is it supposed to be super, super thick in the container...or did I just buy it too long ago and leave it sitting for way too long before I used it???