Monday, November 30, 2009

digi scrappie :)

Oh this is becoming a problem :) LOL I need a proper scrapping intervention !!!

Christmas Dream Kit, Kitty Designs

Trying my hand at some jewlery....

I spent the night making some jewelry..umm a few attempts...a few laughs from Ryan who said no one in their right mind would wear that (I won't even show you those attempts). This one turned out ok though, and I would like to give it to my sister for her bday...what do you think?

Please note unfortunately the gigantic boobs do not come with necklace :)


Saturday, November 28, 2009

this might be addicting...

This is what I played with this morning :) I should have used a better pic...but you can get the idea...I even made my own clipping mask to make the snowfalke shape...I DID REALLY!! I DID....I am so proud :)

Thank-you for indulging me :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

digi scrappie :)

I am so tinkled scrappy to present my first real digi LO :)

I spent the day taking a Jessica Sprague class and spent the last 2 hours on this LO :)

No way will I give up or decrease my dirty scrapping (ink, glue, paint) but I think I could have some fun with this to :)

All elements from r smith, winterbright kit


New Hair

Oh its amazing what a little trip to the salon will do for you. I spent the week feeling like an ugly duckling and came home tonight feeling pretty. Oh what a great feeling that is, we should all feel pretty every day.

Now can I make my hair look like this on my own?? mmm


Thursday, November 26, 2009

I need a makeover

Not only do I need a makeover but my blog does : ) I'm having my hair done tonight and hopefully I will find some time to get my blog in the Christmas Spirit :) House of 3 has an awesome sale tomorrow and I have my shopping cart all ready for it :) Their Christmas digitals are amazing!!

Here's today's show and tell :) I made these frames for my sisters last night based on the Handmade Christmas class I am taking...see the link on the right. Of course they can pin any picture they like into it, if they get tired of staring at my kids :)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my last Halloween scrappy :)

I promise this is my last Halloween post :) LOL Nothing but Christmas from here on in LOL :)


Re-use Scrappies :)

I have been gathering a nice little pile of prima packaging for a while now, and meaning do something with it...last night I thought well why not a mini?

This is a simple quick playful mini made out of the packaging from my prima flowers. I love that this mini showcases some of my favorite photos of Kasey playing (thank-you Stechie)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily December Album

I'm already for my Dec Daily Album (a la Ali Edwards) documentation and story telling to begin. I made my album out of a bunch of different papers, envelopes, cardboard and etc :) I even used fabric after seeing Stechie use it on hers :) he he he I made the cover out of chipboard and painted it with red crackle paint and then added rock candy crackle paint over that. Here's a link to my album last year :)