Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spooky Hand Treats

I'm getting stuff ready for my kids Halloween party tomorrow afternoon and wanted to share one of the things we made.

I call them SPOOKY HAND TREATS. I bought plastic gloves at the drugstore and filled them with candy (eyeballs, chocolate, gummy fangs and body parts). I tied them with black Tulle, painted the nails red, and added 1$ sore Halloween rings on one finger.

This is the take away gift for the kids. I love how they have to retrieve them too. I am attaching them to a piece of yearn that will be wound all over the basement like a spider web and they each have to follow their string to the end to get the prize. I thought I would dim the lights and give them flashlights too!!


Stay Funny said...

so fantastic!
You prep the best kids party ever!
Hope you have a gooolish afternoon!

Lorrie said...

OMG! I just don't know how you come up with these ideas. These are just fantastic! The kids are going to be so excited when they get these spooky hands!

Closet Artist said...

What a fantastic idea!! And I know all the kids will have a blast.

Louise Dubord said...

Too funny! Can I come, please please!

Dorrie said...

yeah i saw these but stuffed with candy corn and popcorn...what a wonderful idea...
i made a couple for G's class...i love your.. fabulous!