Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some cuties forthe Grandparents :)

My parents have been away for 3 weeks on vacation, and I thought I would catch them up with some cuties of the grandbabies. Bear with me while I indulge :)

This blue shirt Kasey is wearing in these pictures was made the one and only MARMIE :)

and this dress was also made by MARMIE :) (it has a crinoline)

Kayleigh following in Daddy's footsteps playing the Guitar :) She went to the music store and picked out her own guitar picks and a hanger so she can hang it on the wall like Daddy.



Rachel said...

OH my .... Kasey isn't looking like a baby no more girl ... lol I see a little girl sprouting there!

And Kayleigh ... WOW .. love the guitar pic .. what a daddy's girl!


Barb said...

Ah-Door-Ah-Bull! Your kids are the sweetest things EVER!