Monday, September 14, 2009

Our favorite place to play

We are almost done fixing up our basement, which is a room that the kids play in, and I scrap in, and generally we hang out it in.

Out went the very gross carpet and in went a laminate floor (thank-you ryan for doing all the work). The walls were painted purple, and a new carpet on the stairs. Just a few finishing touches to go :)

This room makes me very happy. Its much more homey and girly than the other rooms in our house which are more modern.

We painted the walls PURPLE....heack its a kids room and art room, you need color!!!
One of my paintings hanging on the wall, last painting I did at A Fine Mess (insert SNIFF)
The wall of above these shelves will be for the kids art...we need to get creating to fill up this space :)
I painted a chalk board wall....mmm its messy that chalk stuff....going to have to get used to that :) I originally had used the chalk board paint to paint a house, tree, sun etc...but then I thought ooof they are going to chalk all over the wall and the tree looked more like snowman than a tree. LOL Check out that trim above the chalk board, all professional like :) LOL

We are going to put shelves above the chalk wall later this week (yep ryan that's right :)
The kids wooden retro kitchen. I am going to put some hooks up here to hang their aprons and tea towels.
Table and chairs from AFM, that were black and green, I spray painted white. That's a table cloth from the farm, with hand embroidery. So very girly :)
A view of the couch and my scrap space behind it. Our new floor :) No coffee table, its in the laundry room, just leaves more room open for playing at this stage of the kids play.
I slip covered the couches, (very stained couches). I love that I can take these off and wash them :) I just need to find some cute throw pillows now. I also love that my MIL Pat's quilt is here, perfect for cuddling :)
The shelves here will be talked about more in a future post. My parents made them. They have awning pieces that go on with the two shelving units facing each other and a sheer sheet to make a play house. Its perfect for STORAGE and PLAY :) :) makes me happy.
My MIL pat's antique china cabinet housed my scrap supplies :) I love to keep my scrappies in pretty things like tea cups and vintage bowls.

New shelves above the computer and printer table.
More scrappies in a vintage hutch.

I also have slips covers coming for the dining room chairs I use in the room at my scrap tables, and will show them with my newly spray painted YELLOW SCRAP DESK later :)

Truly happy about this room, and the kids love it!!!! Kayleigh really loves the purple walls :)



Dorrie said...

what a perfect little place for you all to hang.. something for everyone... Ryan can hang shelves, you and the girls can create..LOL
beautiful beautiful... love it!

Rachel said...

Those pics do not do it justice! THIS ROOM IS THE COZIEST EVER! I especially love the black chalk board ... BRILLIANT! I love that Ryan was in show off mode about the floor on Saturday.. he should be so proud! He did a great great job!

Hugs and thanks again for the awesome time!

famille1999 said...

You guys have been working hard! Great results! :)

Linn said...

I love it :)
it looks great and I think you girls will have a lots of creative hours here :)

Closet Artist said...

A beautiful space Katie. It is great to be able to offer such a creative space to your girls. Enjoy!

Diva Loca said...

wow wow looks FANTABULOUS!!!

Love the colours - yeah for girlie...

just make sure to keep the chalkboard drawings clean eh? (and I don't mean in the tidy sense!!!!)

Aeify said...

Great space!! I LOVE it!!!

Stay Funny said...

WOW! It looks amazing!
Can't wait to have a scrap date! The colors are so inspiring and the chalkboard super fun for the girls!

one and one + two said...

This looks great! I love the chalk board paint. I am in the middle of painting the shelves in my scraproom right now, but it is so hard to find the time to finish all the projects I have in my head...can you send your husband over here to help??? My kiddies keep trying to help me paint, so I am spending more time cleaning up paint, than actually painting!

Have fun with your girls in your new space!

fairyrocks said...

I love your oversize LO of your girls over the antique cabinet!!