Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LOAD: LayOut A Day

I'm going to join Barb in LOAD this October. I signed up yesterday. So what possessed me to do this crazy challenge of creating a LO a day in October??? Why its simple really....I read that it helped some other girls loose weight. Hey I have tried everything else right, why not scrapbook to loose weight? Seriously!!!

I'm going to do a LO a day about how I did health wise that day...a daily picture of me, a report of what I ate, exercise, how I felt etc... It will be an excellent way for me to keep myself motivated and ACCOUNTABLE!.

LOAD can be about anything, a LO on anything, as long as you do one each day. I'm just choosing to make it about weight loss because I am tired of being a PLUS size ABOVE AVERAGE woman :)

So anyone else in for the madness? ummm how about Rachel???



Stay Funny said...

Love your idea for the theme you selected for the "LOAD" for October.... Beautiful journey to begin also. xx

Diva Loca said...

oh baby - you on fire!!!
so exciting.

can't wait to see all of those layouts. seriously - i have no concerns that you will be able to tackle a layout a day...you are a MACHINE girl.

LOVE that you challenged Rach!

famille1999 said...

Welcome aboard Katie! I love your idea. I can't wait to see what you come up every day. I'm sure it will blow our socks off. See you over there. :)

Louise Dubord said...

This is an extraordinary journey. But please, don't put yourself down. Don't forget that these words PLUS and ABOVE AVERAGE mean a lot more than a dress size, they describe a Katie who has a huge heart, a huge sense of humour, a bursting creativity and a zest for life that is contagious. You ARE way above average as a person, because you are so generous and such a great mother. I don't meet people like you very often and in my book you are and exceptionnal person because of your wonderful qualities. There is really nothing average about you! Love ya

Diva Loca said...


Soooooo well said Louise and SO VERY TRUE!

Katie - you should print off Louise's comments and turn them into a page...a page you can read everyday!

What a huge compliment and so very true my friend :)

Kataroo said...

I am flipp'n crying Louise :) :) :) thank-you

Dorrie said...

Katie, I think you are extraordinary...inside and out!!! Your infectious giggle, that smell.. ouuu that smell... and your remarkable creativity. You inspire a lot of people, including me! I think I am going to do LOAD...I think it will be a challenge that I must complete.. and hey if I can loose weight at the same time.. then I'll have you to thank.. LOL
Love ya sweets!

Julie said...

WOW! What a cool blog,and you seem like such a fun bubbly person.I love that!

Rachel said...

DUDE .. do ya think ya can challenge me right out and i can walk away??? LMAO I am up for this ... I call and I'll see ya down 5 pounds! BAHAHAHAH!

Just paid! I hope this gets me out of my freakin scrap funk and gets my jiggy going again! looking forward to it .. very .. very ... much!

Till this weekend! WINK!