Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scrappies brought to you by YOU TUBE

A little something fun for HUMP DAY....Check these out:

SCRAPPY VIDEO ONE : I love how she uses a piece of card board to paint white journal line son the LO, and also the way she stamps on white card stock and then cuts out the images for embellies.

Want to experience the joy of opening a nice big box of scrapbook goodies :) Its just like watching Stephanie or Rachel open a box of their goodies :) LOL



famille1999 said...

Thanks for the links! I just loved to watch the first one and see how she came up with the whole page. Like you I love the way she does those white lines. I need to remember that! :)

Stay Funny said...

hihihi I had a chuckle with the second link.... 1 minutes and 13 seconds to open the box...She really knows hoe to build anticipatin! Exacto is the best tool or a good kitchen Knife! Then top 3 favorite words in her 10 minutes long video... "Ohhh my God", "look at this" or "Super cute"....!