Sunday, August 9, 2009

One wild weekend in the ER's

Yes you did read that right ER plural :)

I posted last week that I was going through a miscarriage, well that turned to be incorrect. I went for an ultrasound last Thursday afternoon as part of following up on a miscarriage and was told to go to the ER immediately for a suspected Ectopic Pregnancy. Now I must tell you I was feeling fine physically, no pain at all. In fact since this ordeal (thinking I was miscarrying) started July 19th I have had no pain. So I await in the ER after being triaged and telling them I have no pain. I am given high priority because of the Ectopic suspicion and an IV in case of pending surgery. I sit in a little room with other patients and my gas begins to build. I for once act like a lady and hold the gas in. Well wouldn't you know I started to experience extreme pain in my tummy. My mind is working overtime and scared. I am now convinced that the Ectopic has ruptured and I am going to die or something almost as horrible. I get up tell the nurse my pain has changed. I wait longer. Eventually I am moved to a private cubical and await the surgeon. Since I am now afforded a little privacy, I decide to take advantage of it and let the building gas go. BOOM!!!!! wow did I feel better! NO pain any more! Guess I wasn't going to die after all. I finally met with the surgeon and unfortunately despite my lack of pain the i did indeed have an ectopic pregnancy. I was admitted into the hospital and was going to wait till morning to see if I needed surgery or another medical treatment. I entered the ER at 4:00 PM and was admitted and in a bed at 10:30 pm.

The following day I waited for news of surgery and reached 26 hours without food or water. I had an IV for fluids, but that came unattached unknown to me me and leaked a rather large puddle on the floor. NO wonder I was so thirsty and tired. Finally the decision is made to have a medical treatment a chemo therapy drug in a very small dose that will end the ectopic pregnancy and break it down.

ONLY I can't get it at that hospital. Its important to state here that I had PLANS for the weekend to crop fri night and sat with Stephanie at the scrapbook. As a SAHM mom, and a scrapper I REALLY NEEDED THIS time away to scrapbook!! No surgery was great news, I could still SCRAP, injection in the ass and off we go!! right???

I was given a GOLDEN TICKET to get me thru the ER in the next hospital, an hour tops!! So Stephanie offers to go with me. We enter the ER at 5:00 PM on Fri night.

WE LEFT AT 2:30AM!!!!!!!!!

Turns out they needed to make the decision of surgery vs. drug themselves, blood work, waiting, assessment, waiting, drug a go, takes at least 1.5 hours to come up from pharmacy (it took longer)...waiting....its here...waiting for dr (emergency C section)....waiting waiting. Finally poked in the bum :)

HUGE HUGE HUGE thank-you, eternally grateful to Stephanie for waiting and making me laugh and giggle till 2:30 in the morning. She insisted on staying by my side...she kept me from breaking down, from crying and sobbing, from feeling sorry for myself. YOU ARE AMAZING, truly amazing.


2:30 am...leave ER...go to parking pay area...machine EATS CREDIT security, guard comes opens huge refrigerator like machine....look down...Stephanie is FONDLING HIS PANTS!!!...what???? am I seeing things, too tired too late at night...turns out he got his pants caught in the machine!! Guess what we got free parking :) GOOD JOB STEPH!!! LOL



Stay Funny said...

You are so welcome!
Even with all that was happening, I was really happy to spend time with you and ohhhhhh yes it was wild! Have a good week and wishing you some good quality time without Er's involved! See you tomorrow! Sxx

famille1999 said...

Oh my god! What an ordeal!!! I'm so happy though that you didn't have any pain. Those can be excruciatingly painful. I'm really sorry that it had to end up like this though. Big hugs going your way Katie.

Barb said...

Oh wow, I'm so glad you managed to keep your sense of humor (the pants fondling made me giggle) throughout this ordeal. Sending you a HUGE (((hug))) and hoping you're doing okay. Love ya, babe. xoxo

Jennifer said...

Oh my, what an ordeal. I hope things turn out for you and I'm glad you didn't need the surgery. I hate waiting in ER's. You have more patience than I would have.

Rachel said...

This entire story makes me LMAO! Talking to you on the phone throughout the day .. I was absolutely amazed that all you could think of was scrapping ... BAHAHAHA You know have earned the HARDCORE SCRAPPER AWARD girl ... CRAZY! LOL

I am glad you are well .. and hopefully after your next appt your learn all is well and clean! Then you can get back to babymaking! WINK!

Love you .. and Stephie you are a sweetheart girl .... XOOX


Marlene said...

Katie - I am sorry to hear about this whole ordeal. i am glad you are able to keep your sense of humour through it all though :-).