Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Molly Molly Molly

"Daddy....MOLLY....MOllY this and MOllY that :) " Kayleigh and Kasey had a playdate with Molly and her Mom Karen today. Kayleigh was of course very excited to tell her Daddy all about it when he got home. I for one had a lot of fun watching them play in the pool and slide. Thank-you Karen, I had a blissful afternoon and really liked your muffins too :) LOL

Here's a pic Karen took that I hijacked from her blog :)



Stay Funny said...

From what I see and read it looks like the girls had a perfect date So happy for them and for both of you moms too! Have a great hun!

Dorrie said...

Aww such fun...
We'll have to get our girls together as well Katie.. and maybe start our playdate with a hug.. LOL