Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tribute Album to Brandy

I made this mini album for my parents as a tribute to our family dog Brandy, who passed away this year. Brandy was the perfect dog, beautiful, sweet, funny, playful, smart. She never bugged you like some other little black dog I know :) I miss her sooo much. I wanted this album to be very feminine just like Brandy, she was always a Lady :)

I left the journaling spots bank so my mom can add her own journaling and I am sending her my fav journal pen :)



Louise Dubord said...

What a fantastic tribute! I am moved and I never met her. Goldens are wonderful dogs, I just love them (even if my fav are weenies!)Your album is gorgeous. XXX

Stay Funny said...

ahhhhhhhhh Katie! This is amazing, once again your shabby chic style is at your best!
Love the colors, all the extra little bits of love (embellies) and I am sure your parents are going to love it too!

big kiss and I hope I will be able to see it before you give it away!

Diva Loca said...

katie - you aren't a scrapbooker - you are a FRIGGIN ARTIST...not just an artist but a FRIGGIN artist! creative genius my friend :)

your parents will treasure it for sure!

one and one + two said...

Wow...gorgeous! What a beautiful book and tribute.

Rosa said...

What an incredibly gorgeous album!