Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Hair from GOOBERS

Goobers rocks!!! Kayleigh got her cut at Goobers yesterday, while sitting in a pink BARBIE jeep :) She even had sprinkles applied to her hair afterwards :) They even have spa parties for little girls. I am so going to the Mommy and Me mani and pedi!

This is her hair this AM after sleeping:



Stay Funny said...

Tottaly cute and adorable!
WOW! Will have to come back soon and take new pics! Have a great afternoon dear!!!

Kataroo said...

i was sooo thinking I wish you were here to take pics!!

Karen's Violetbliss said...

very sweet.
Hey how about a playdate next week?
Are you mobile? You could come over here with the girls and they could play in Molly's splash pool.
Let me know...K

one and one + two said...

So cute! I have taken Miss S to Goobers too. Isn't it funny how a haircut makes them look like a 'big kid' all of a sudden...

Rachel said...

SHE LOOKS GREAT! GOOBERS is owned by John's adopted sister Debbie! You should of mentioned my name girl ... LOL That is where I am thinking of starting to sell some of my scrap stuff! Small world huh???