Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Junque SWAP

I love vintage notions, old buttons, vintage emphera, old books, trims etc...do you? Do you love incorporating them in your scrapbook pages and altered art? If you do, this is the SWAP for you :)

In this SWAP you will fill one Large Size Zip Lock bag with JUNQUE. The JUNQUE doesn't all have to be the same, or if you want you can make up packets for 10 people that will fit into the Large Zip Lock bag. ie. you can make it so everyone gets the same stuff, or just fill a bag with stuff and I will sort it out to the participants.

We will have 10 participants. You have 3 weeks to get the bag mailed to me. I will then sort and mail back the boxes a week later. You give out a large bag of stuff and you get back a large bag/box of stuff.

I can not express how much fun it is to get this bog old box of fun goodies, all unique and old and vintage-y :)

So what is JUNQUE?
-old book pages
-old dictionary pages
-old papers of any sort, like sheet music, tickets, ledger paper etc
-vintage notions, trims, ribbons, buttons
-vintage jewelry findings
-old beads
-old game pieces
-bingo cards

ONLY ONE RULE when it comes to JUNQUE you have to really like it, it has to be a treasure in your eyes :) then it is JUNQUE :)

The idea is not to spend a lot of money, find stuff at garage sales, flea markets etc. All though you can get some really awesome stuff on etsy, ebay and Paper Vailse ( I just made an order here for the swap :) :)

So sign up here in the comments and then email me at harkinsk at rogers.com and I will send you my mailing addy.




Diva Loca said...

oh oh oh - where do i sign up? pick me pick me - i want to be the first on the list - there is nothing i love more than dirty old crap :)


Hayley G said...

I must ponder.... the only thing I'm worried about is not finding Junque to send.. but just finding junk. Waaaaah...

Stay Funny said...

SIGN me up butter cup!
Papier Valise!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh love that store! Meg.... Renee???? Any interrests girls?????
Have a happy Wednesday
PS Laurie... your too funny! Went to the Antique store last friday and got my self some Chandelier Crystals and I thought of you! I'm sure you would have taken those, they were amazing!

Diva Loca said...

oh steph - chandelier chrystals...sound loverly but i bet they were all dirty and germy right?
i prefer my chandelier chrystals from either a heidi snapp package or Home Depot!

Louise Dubord said...

I am interested, but I have nothing yet and the time frame is not too good for me : I am leaving for 2 weeks to go to the ocean in Maine, and when I come back, I will have 3 weeks to finish getting ready to move. I will try to find stuff anyway, and I will let you know if I have enough to participate. (If you get enough people, I will join the next time). So sorry. XX

Laurie (my twin): You are too funny! I don't like old, dirty and germy stuff either, but there are fabulous things to be found... So I figure that's why they invented latex gloves and antiseptic hand wash (I never leave home without my little bottle)! XX

Linn said...

count me in girlie! :)

Wenche said...

Linn sent me a note about this swap. Could I please join?