Wednesday, July 15, 2009

crazy girl

oh dear, its going to be a day :)



one and one + two said...

WHERE did you get those hair clippies??? Miss S keeps asking for a pink streak in her hair {it starts at age 3???} and this seems much easier than the pink hair coloring she wants! {One of R's friends puts green in his hair, so of course now my kiddies want to do it too!!!}

Stay Funny said...

hihihihihi Was that picture taken this morning!
Oufffff you will have a fabulous day today missy!!! It's a beautiful day outside! Enjoy! Love ya and miss ya too lots! xx

Message for Ryan: Ryan have fun tonight at the kiss show... you lucky Rock star you!

Diva Loca said...

dude i SOOOOO want to come and play today! that looks like my kind of fun - cool hair accessories and no mess!!!

i do have a bone to pick with you though...i put up pretty "dirty" - um i mean distressed pictures of your darling and all you can comment on is the FACT THAT I WENT TO TIMS IN MY PJS????

dude - i never said i got out of the car!!! ha ha.

Barb said...

Love love LOVE that hair! I need to borrow some of your pretty girl pictures to scrap. Pleeeease?!

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! It's not the hair pieces but the devilish face that kills me! OH MAN I MISS YOU GUYS!


Diva Loca said...

i am suffering from withdrawl...need a new blog post please :)

Diva Loca said...

stillllllll waitin'

just sayin :)