Friday, July 31, 2009

House fun :)

I had some fun putting these green stickers up yesterday :) They are from Ikea. I also got new lights for the kitchen and dining room. Today the kids and I loaded up on PURPLE paint, and white and yellow spray paint. Lets just say we are going to have some fun in the basement :) :) :)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Hair from GOOBERS

Goobers rocks!!! Kayleigh got her cut at Goobers yesterday, while sitting in a pink BARBIE jeep :) She even had sprinkles applied to her hair afterwards :) They even have spa parties for little girls. I am so going to the Mommy and Me mani and pedi!

This is her hair this AM after sleeping:


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Unfortunately not a scrappy or cute kid picture filled post, but I feel the need to share with my virtual friends something that has weighed on my heart heavily this past week.

I found out I was pregnant a week and a half ago. Ryan and I have been trying to have another baby. Unfortunately the plus sign on the stick wasn't received with what should have been happy tears. I took the test because I had been bleeding for 12 days and thought that was strange. I thought I was having my period, but I was miscarrying. I went to the hospital where I was given the WinPro shot because I have RH negative blood. I had blood work done and an ultra sound. I was told I was likely having a miscarriage but there was a small chance I was still pregnant. I needed to follow up with my dr and have more tests done in the nest couple of days.

I was sad, and certainly it wasn't a pleasant thing, but I was OK and I was handling it. Perhaps, it was easier because I didn't have time to dream of the little baby. Certainly, it was easier because I already have two beautiful blessings, Kayleigh and Kasey. I went and did more blood work to ensure my levels were falling back to zero. I received a call mid week to say the levels had gone very slightly up and it was important to have more blood work done. I was heading to a cottage for the weekend and very anxious to know what exactly was going on. I asked that I be called with the results Fri. My Dr was not in and a colleague would be calling me. I called the clinic Fri to hear if there was news. The RECEPTIONIST said she had seen my fax and would get permission from the DR. to give me the news...I waited anxiously...she came back on the phone and said the levels had gone up again....she said THE DR SAID TO SAY YOUR STILL PREGNANT....she said it in a happy tone...that was it. I was stunned, and no DR. to talk to. In about 10 min it has sunk in....I AM STILL PREGNANT!!!! I am having a baby. I was flying high so happy, so happy. I spent all weekend, dreaming of a little boy, picking names, imagining all there was to come.

No where in the conversation with the clinic were the words, MISSED ABORTION or CYST MIMICKING PREGNANCY!!!! If the Dr. had read my file, or paid due attention I would have been told that an increase of 56 to 108 was not significant and that with me still experiencing bleeding things were not good. So I got a call from my DR. on Monday, she called to give me Fridays results which she delivered gravely...I told her I had already gotten the news Friday and it was delivered much differently. I am not going to continue it doesn't change anything, I just wanted to express how angry I am with poor attention to myself as a patient. I think this great upset and heartbreak could have been avoided.

So I am miscarrying, I still need to have more blood work done and an ultrasound. Its been a very long and emotional week and a half.

I am ok though, better than ok, because as I get upset and cry....Kasey toddles in and smiles and shows me her belly. I am better than ok and blessed because of my children. This is a sad bump in the road, and LIFE (and its a sweet life) goes on.

Thank-you for letting me share this, and my prayers have been with all women and especially friends that are wanting this blessing of pitter patter feet as well :)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me Likey



Cottage Fun

Just a quick post with some pics from the cottage for my parents and anyone else crazy enough to enjoy them :) Toots Blog world :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scrappies :)

Ok back to my very fav thing, scrapbooking :)

I have done 2 db pg LO's recently, back to basics style. I wanted to use a lot of pictures and document some fun stuff in our lives.

I had fun stamping with glue and adding glitter to the above LO. Yeah that's right, I actually used some stamps. Its Jennifer McGuire's fault with her THINKING INK series.

And a fun, playful page.


Kayleigh and her Kitty Kat

Kayleigh is a real animal lover, only she isn't always so gentle. She reminds of that little girl in the Peanuts cartoons that just UVE'S TO HUG AND SQUEEZE the animals. Kayleigh's new favorite thing is to carry the cat Tristain around and very surprisingly Tristain lets her do it. The very same cat that will sometimes climb into my bed at night and bite my head. Weird.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Em's Canvas

I gave Em her canvas today. She won a mixed media canvas by me at the crop for the boob. I have to say I was really nervous giving it to her today. I find it so hard to paint something for someone else. She wanted something to go in her FAB new bathroom (oh sweet heaven her bathroom is). I hope she likes it :)

Thank-you for the awesome playdate and the talk today :) Sorry again about the "grass" I think I should not have done that :) My bad :)

Don't forget to check out the details of the Junque SWAP here :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Junque SWAP

I love vintage notions, old buttons, vintage emphera, old books, trims you? Do you love incorporating them in your scrapbook pages and altered art? If you do, this is the SWAP for you :)

In this SWAP you will fill one Large Size Zip Lock bag with JUNQUE. The JUNQUE doesn't all have to be the same, or if you want you can make up packets for 10 people that will fit into the Large Zip Lock bag. ie. you can make it so everyone gets the same stuff, or just fill a bag with stuff and I will sort it out to the participants.

We will have 10 participants. You have 3 weeks to get the bag mailed to me. I will then sort and mail back the boxes a week later. You give out a large bag of stuff and you get back a large bag/box of stuff.

I can not express how much fun it is to get this bog old box of fun goodies, all unique and old and vintage-y :)

So what is JUNQUE?
-old book pages
-old dictionary pages
-old papers of any sort, like sheet music, tickets, ledger paper etc
-vintage notions, trims, ribbons, buttons
-vintage jewelry findings
-old beads
-old game pieces
-bingo cards

ONLY ONE RULE when it comes to JUNQUE you have to really like it, it has to be a treasure in your eyes :) then it is JUNQUE :)

The idea is not to spend a lot of money, find stuff at garage sales, flea markets etc. All though you can get some really awesome stuff on etsy, ebay and Paper Vailse ( I just made an order here for the swap :) :)

So sign up here in the comments and then email me at harkinsk at and I will send you my mailing addy.



Tribute Album to Brandy

I made this mini album for my parents as a tribute to our family dog Brandy, who passed away this year. Brandy was the perfect dog, beautiful, sweet, funny, playful, smart. She never bugged you like some other little black dog I know :) I miss her sooo much. I wanted this album to be very feminine just like Brandy, she was always a Lady :)

I left the journaling spots bank so my mom can add her own journaling and I am sending her my fav journal pen :)