Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnic

Kayleigh and I went to a Teddy Bear Picnic this evening. It was a lot of fun, we made a great book, sang songs and played some games. But there was no FOOD. I really thought most picnics included food. We didn't eat before going thinking there would be some snacks. The "picnic" was from 6-7pm. Poor Kayleigh despite all the fun she was having kept complaining that she was hungry. I don't blame her I was hungry too. So the funny thing is the lady running the workshop brought out a big picnic basket near the end of our "picnic". It was covered with a big red checkered napkin. She was "mmmmm-ing and awing" at what was inside to get the kids all excited. I certainly was! I was picturing homemade muffins or cookies. She sets the basket in the middle of the "picnic" blanket and gingerly takes the napkin off. Oh GLORY it was filled with food.....PLASTIC FOOD!! Plastic food to play a game with!! Needless to say Kayleigh and I had a few bowls of cereal before I put her to bed :)

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Rachel said...

OH duh me ... I called you last night totally forgetting you were going to this! How can they have a picnic with no snacks?? How can an event with kids not have snacks??? LOL


Stay Funny said...

Plastic disappointing! Hope it was fun even if you "pallettes" were over salivating on the potential food a head!

Happy that you enjoyed a bowl of cereals after....
Have a super day!
1 sleep till your crop, I can't wait!

Louise Dubord said...

What! A picnic without food? Plastic food doesn't count as Kayleigh tummy did let you know. This is really weird. Was there a hidden camera? I am sure there was. Well, Jenn will have real food on Saturday, but I may bring you a plastic snack! Was there at least a Teddy Bear?

Barb said...

Yikes! No food?! They really, really need to tell you this before you show up! lol