Monday, June 8, 2009

Crop for the Boob: Success!!

Our crop for the boob was a huge success at A Fine Mess! We raised $510 for breast cancer. A huge thank-you to Jan, Sandy, Marlene, Rachel, Stephanie, Emma, Meg, Natasha, Genna, Barb, Suzane, and Jenn for buying tickets, cropping, donations and all your hard earned dollars towards this cause.

We were really lucky to have two wild and crazy girls Christina and Laura!! They baked 40 BOOBIE cupcakes (nipples, rings, hair, veins, orange tans, bras and all) and sold them for donations in the plaza. The girls actually donned bras outside their clothes and and walked around outside selling the cupcakes. THEY RAISED OVER $200!!!! Thank-you!!!!!!

Christina is kind of famous for her wild and wacky baking so if your ever lookingf or a fun cake or cupcakes go see her at A Fine Mess!!!

We had Boobie name tags in all shapes and sizes, we had loads of pink candy, we played games, we laughed!!

Jan won the DUMBASS award :) and made a butterfly card for when "Shit happens" :) Really wish I had a pcture of that one!

Sandy was our Queen for the night. She is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and we are so thankful she is here in all her sparkle!

Thank-you Genna for making the night come togther in a PINK BOOM :)

All of us: Jan Sandy, Lina, Me, Emma, Marlene, Natasha, Stephanie, Christina, Laura, and Genna. (Rachel is taking the pic) (Meg is missing :(

The crazy girls :) Christina and Laura dressed in their finery to sell cupcakes!!!

Stechie and I :)

Meg and I

The Cupcakes:

Me eating a boobie cupcake :) mmmmmmmmmmm

Our Queen Sandy, 10 year breast cancer Survivor!

Thank-you for all the pictures Stephanie :)


Stay Funny said...

It was a fun evening!
Love your post and all the cool photoshop actions on the pics!
My favorites are of you eating the boob "cup"cake... not to say something else!!!

And the girls too, they were so cute!

one and one + two said...

Congratulations Katie for such a successful event - the amount of money you raised is awesome, and it was so much fun! It was great to meet you irl. We will have to get together and scrapbook again soon!

Love the photo of you eating the cupcake! {And I am stealing the photo of us for my blog...}