Thursday, May 21, 2009


I stole "Scrappies" from Emily :) Too cute.

So here's a crazy LO:

and a muted one with old SEI :)

So a few fav's from yesterday:

1. PLUNKING my butt down in the sand yesterday afternoon in the park. Building sandcastles and playing with the neighborhood kids, whom think I am an excellent Sandcastle Builder.

2. Hosing Kayliegh down after the park!! I really went to town and soaked her.

3. Carrying Kasey in her sundress and barefeet and enjoying her baby chubby legs and toes.

4. Crawling into bed spent and enjoying fresh sheets!


1 comment:

Stay Funny said...

love the SEI layout (perfect for the pic tones!) and love your list! Have a super day! Sis you sister arrive? Enjoy your time with her! Hugs Sxx