Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty Marmie Dresses

The weather was finally warm enough yesterday to put the girls in the matching summer dresses my Mom made them. They got sooo many compliments and I even scored some free makeup samples because of it :) Can't wait to scrap these photos at the Blackburn Crop Sunday :)



Stay Funny said...

love love love the dresses! Your mom could start a buisness! the first pic is my favorite! Have a super dooper end of your day and see you Sunday!

Karen's Violetbliss said...

Those are great shots.
Molly's nose was deep in the tulips but Kasey used her two lips to explore them. Hilarious. what are you up to next weekend? I will be scrapping those photos and more as i a having an open crop at my school on Saturday. Let me know if you can come, Would love to see you.

Diva Loca said...

ok - does Kasey need to visit Autie Laurie for some food?

poor thing resorting to eating tulips

i mean if you have to eat a flower, tulips are the way to go but come on...

did Kay check them out for bugs first??? he he he

Dorrie said...

Can those two be any cuter? I hnk not!
Gorgeous pics!!! Gorgeous dress..
Grace is a size 4.. I'm just putting that out there.. LOL