Sunday, May 3, 2009


Oh VEY, I am soooo tired. I woke up feeling so HUNGOVER and I didn't have a drop to drink. Goes to show you what good friends, laughs, awesome food, and too many diet pops will do to you. I am hurting!!

Crazy Happy Awesome Laurie invited a few over for some scrapping. Our poor Master Corporal Tops was MIA (sickie poo), but word altering Stephanie (AKA STAYFUNNY) and the one and only DORRIE were in attendance.

We ate and ate, the most amazing yummies prepared by Dorrie. We laughed and laughed, and teased Laurie's husband Dennis. Who is so gadget crazy (think Tim the tool man Taylor but techno) he makes me giggle.

So did we scrap? OH YEAH WE DID......


Dorrie said...
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Dorrie said...

SOrry toom any spelling mistakes before Ihit enter on the last post...I'm a dumbass!

So excited to meet you yesterday.. you are so funny.. not sure there are women out there with more gas than you, but farts will always be funny... LOL
So excited to call youmy friend... and look at that talent... awesome work girl!
You rock!
Hope to see you soon..

Diva Loca said...

love love love them baby
so much fun yesterday i tell you - so much frickin fun!!!!!

your talent is amazing!

Louise Dubord said...

Wow! You were so inspired. Your work is truly beautiful and amazing. I love those pages.

Stay Funny said...

was super fun to spend the day with you! Love all your pages made love especially baby Kasey with nana!