Friday, May 15, 2009


My little Kasey :) Oh she made my heart sing yesterday, I really wish I had had my camera with me. We stopped by A Fine Mess to make wrapping paper for Fin's present. We had a roll of newsprint out on the table to paint and Kasey was sitting on top in her bare feet, and a paint shirt painting away!!! She was COVERED in paint and at one point did her little APE crawl down the table over the painted newsprint. It was hilarious! A proud moment for me :) Today she was playing in the grass at the park and did her little APE crawl in super fast mode to chase after the ball. I almost don't want her to walk yet, because she is so cute at this stage.


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Barb said...

LOVe these photos... love that you're getting down and getting these wonderful angles where you can see her expressions so clearly. LOVE the actions you did on the pictures to give them the vintage look. Wow, you're a goddess! :)