Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Wow, look at how small Kasey used to be. Look at how tired my eyes look in that picture LOL.

In honor of Mother's Day here is a list of my favorite things about being a MOM :)

  • Cuddles with children
  • Seeing the world through their eyes with their wonder and excitement
  • Blaming my flubby body on having children :)
  • Hearing my children say I love you
  • Kisses from cute little lips
  • Baking with kids
  • NAPPING with kids
  • Excuse to carry a huge bag filled with crap
  • Days blowing bubbles in the park (I seriously love this)
  • Blaming stinky farts on kids dirty diaper :)
  • Parking for families :)
  • Parking for Pregnant women
  • Being a stay at home mom
  • When you do something stupid you can blame it on lack of sleep b/c of the kids
  • eating the kids leftovers (especially if attempting no carb diet and eating MUM MUM crumbs is not considered cheating LOL)
  • watching these little ones grow and come into their own
  • the special bond you now have with your partner
  • watching kids shows (I really do like the Backyardigins)
  • how useful having wipes in your bag is
  • the contentment and satisfaction that comes from caring for my family
  • making a HOME
  • using diapers as pot holders b/c the basket of diapers is conveniently under the microwave
  • the SCRAPING material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A special SHOUT OUT to Marmie :) I love you!!! Hope your having a great vacation :)



Closet Artist said...

I wish you a day full of cuddles and hugs.
Happy Mother's Day!

Louise Dubord said...

Happy Mother's Day, my dear. You are a great mom!

one and one + two said...

Happy Mother's your list!

Dorrie said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day! Love that pic!!! Love that list too! So sweet!

Stay Funny said...

Hope you had a great day with the girls, love love love your list! Have a fantastic week! Sxx

Marlene said...

Hope you had a great mother's day Katie!