Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awesome start to the week

A few pics of Kasey hanging out in Frodo's bed :) Her new fav place to cuddle :)

Note: no idea why the bottom photo is oriented that way, I tried to fix it I really did :) LOL

Had an awesome start to the week yesterday. We spent so much time outside enjoying the sun. We hit the park across the street in the AM for some bubble blowing and play structure playing. In the afternoon we went to the FAR AWAY park and had a picnic. PUre bliss sitting in the sun, on a old quilt, eating fishies and cheese and watching my girls be silly. We were covered in sand by he end of the day, and when I changed Kasey's diaper on my bed it dumped a pile of sand in the sheets :) We had a beautiful BBQ dinner, a strawberry cake for dessert which Kayleigh helped me make. After dinner I took a really nice long walk. I went to bed body tired, which is bliss, just fell asleep :) sweet dreams.


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Stay Funny said...

love the black and white pic of Casey!!!! hope that your end of week will be perfect! hugs