Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This has me just GIDDY right now :)


Katie Paterson said...

Congrats on trying for a third! Is your husbands name Ryan? My guy's name is Ryan as well, we are another Katie and Ryan couple. hehe, just thought that was cute.

Closet Artist said...

Now we can all be on baby watch!! LOL
Congratulations on your decision.

Diva Loca said...


I can't wait for number 3 baby!!!

You are one amazing mama :)

Aeify said...

OOOOO I'm so excited for you girl!!! Have fun!!!

Barb said...

Wheeeeee! I am so so so very happy for you guys! :)

Hey, I still need to hook you up with my crazy girlfriend who lives in your neighbourhood... she's preggers with no. 4 right now. CRAZY, eh?! :D

Stay Funny said...

yeah! Congrats!
Wishing you all the best in the process of going for #3! And echoing Laurie... you are an amazing mom and Ry an amazing dad!

Also offering to be the sitter when time arrives to go to the hospital, like the last time! =)

Rachel said...

OH YAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!